About Us

Future mommy’s Journey started as an organization especially for moms-to-be, inviting specifically pregnant couples to guide them through their parent-hood journey. Due to an increase in our community members we expanded to include women from all fields, expecting and non-expecting. With a line of expert speakers, therapists, healers, and achievers we guarantee the best experience and a community where the sky is our limit.

Our community brings in women together, to meet, exchange ideas and interact all in a friendly environment and set up. It’s an open learning journey of discovery of a series of events, exhibitions and gatherings to facilitate open dialogue between experts, therapists, sports enthusiasts and community achievers. We bring in community supporters from a wide background to offer their services and products that help achieve specific needs that accompany each event.

We communicate directly, in person and use our social media platforms and website to stay in touch with our valuable members. All event schedules and announcements are continuously updated and welcomes whoever is interested in participation.


More than 180 wonderful ladies from our mommy-to-be community in UAE gathered in our events, where they got the chance to meet medical professionals, prenatal experts in collaboration with medical facilities, Learnt the importance and the benefits of stem cells storing to protect their family future’s health.

By storing your baby’s stem cells you’re investing not only in their future health, but also that of the rest of your family’s. Future Health Biobank spent 20 years perfecting our processes, providing you with the highest quality and most reliable service available to your family.


We work hand in hand with the Healthcare sector, academic enthusiasm, companies as well as individuals. We bring together sports experts, startup companies, products from the market, academic institutes as well as individuals who want to support a strong community of women from all fields and backgrounds.