Educational Event

More than 60 wonderful ladies from our mommy-to-be community in UAE gathered in our events, where they got the chance to meet medical professionals, prenatal experts in collaboration with medical facilities, It’s an open learning journey of discovery of a series of educational events.

Support Groups

Being pregnant is truly one of the most beautiful, wonderful (and hard) experiences you’ll have in your life, and sometimes the challenges and struggles get overwhelming and creates a lot of stress and frustration for our mommies-to-be. Do you need to get some feedback to your questions? Do you need help with steps to take throughout your journey? Join our Community, for more knowledge-sharing open dialogue and exercise, with our community medical doctors and experts.


At future mommy’s journey our main and the most important concerns is to open discussions with the medical field and to bring in experts who can answer our questions instead of going online looking for different sources sometimes could be wrong answers and augmented reviews that are not based on facts. we’ve been delighted to host and interviewed different Doctors from the medical field and bring in experts to support our community in their journey.


Holistic Events

If you’re looking to have a more natural and holistic pregnancy, there are a number of things you can do to approach it that way, having a holistic pregnancy is great for so many reasons, and with our supported community experts, prenatal yoga teachers, Nutritionists and many more support us in our journey.